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Many of the decisions we make while managing our urgent health care needs can be life-altering.

If you're like most people with little experience dealing with the complexities of today's health care system, you could be taking unnecessary risks with your health and your finances.


What makes me uniquely qualified as an advocate for patients?

Over the past twelve years, I've derived great joy working as a physician, and being of service while helping patients manage the pitfalls that beset them and their families. My experience as a breast cancer survivor has opened me to a myriad intricacies and barriers to accessing good and equitable healthcare, navigating our complex insurance system, and negotiating with providers.


A champion for patients.

Seeing first-hand the need for a support system to help patients, I launched Physician Consulting Services. Being an experienced physician and a knowledgeable patient, I'm able to deliver the professional direction, counseling, and support patients need to navigate an otherwise overwhelming system.

An advocate for organizations.

Further to this point, I'm able to communicate the needs of both patients and health systems for community organizers, grassroots organizations, social change-makers, and healthcare advocates. 

A strategic partner.

For investors and companies looking to expand their products and services. I have extensive experience as a medical executive in healthcare compliance, process improvement, leadership, and communications. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, my focus is to build empathetic, people-focused solutions, and build results-driven relationships. 



2015 - PRESENT
Medical communications, team leadership. Ensure adherence to overarching strategies, policies, procedures, and best practices. Liaise with partners to determine the best course of action, implementing strategies to achieveme of goals. Expertise in revenue cycle, EMR, and general healthcare business services. Oversee successful JCAHO accreditation.


2015 - 2019
Conducted surgical procedures to treat a variety of wounds caused by various situations and conditions. Provided high-quality patient care,  developed and implemented customized treatment plans, collaborating with nursing staff and other physicians to ensure improvement in patient health. Maintained working knowledge of evolving conditions to implement modifications in medications and treatments.


University of Vermont, 2014
Worked closely with physicians and nursing staff to achieve surgical outcomes in adherence with established treatment plans. Spearheaded surgical residents through assigning surgeries and patients, communicating status updates and consulting with physicians and patients to determine most effective surgical procedures. Assisted in surgical operations to further patient care. Communicated with patients to ensure effective education on diagnoses, treatment plans, surgical options, and ongoing care strategies to ensure improvement.


State University of New York - Downstate, 2008


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